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“Coventry.domains: Piloting the Domains of One’s Own approach at Coventry University” by Daniel Villar-Onrubia and Lauren Heywood

Universities running a “Domains of One’s Own” (DoOO) initiative provide their students and staff with the opportunity to have a personal cyberinfrastructure (Campbell, 2009), namely web-hosting space and a domain name (or sub-domain), which they can use to build websites and experiment with a wide range of open source applications for online publishing.

The premise underpinning DoOO is that “faculty and students must have a domain and web hosting of their own if they are to truly understand and engage the deeper possibilities of the open web” (Groom, 2013). By doing so, institutions can empower their communities to take more ownership of their online presence and improve their levels of web literacy (Burtis, 2016; Ian O’Byrne and Pytash, 2017).

This contribution will give an overview of the implementation of a DoOO pilot at Coventry University (UK) and offer some examples of the work lecturers and students have done.


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Hey Pressto! Conference 2020