Hey Pressto! Conference 2020

A WordPress and ClassicPress conference which happens only on Twitter


Hello, we are Hey Pressto! Hey Pressto! is a ClassicPress and WordPress conference which happens only on Twitter.

#HeyPresstoConf20 will happen on Thursday September 24, see more details about the schedule. Help with time zones here.

What does that mean? Well, it’s like a conference but presentations are a series of 15 Tweets, one per minute with the conference hashtag, in a scheduled time slot.  You can add images, gifs, videos, links to your tweets to add more depth. The conference hashtag, numbering the tweets in a presentation, and threading them, all help the audience follow along. People viewing a presentation can interact by liking the tweets, retweeting them and commenting on the presentation, which builds engagement, creates question and answer threads, starts discussion and stimulates ideas. We will turn all presentations into moments so that they will remain easy to follow for as long as the presenters wish to keep their tweets available.

If you want to see what presentations look like, we have a page of examples from previous Twitter conferences.

Twitter conferences (and twitter conferences that happen to be about WordPress) have been happening for years now, check out #PATC, #DoSTC and #PressEdConf – and each of these conferences is partly powered by a WordPress site. 

Conferences on Twitter are completely free to follow and present at. There’s no cost for anyone. Tweets remain available so even if you’re busy on the day, or in a different time zone to the presenter, you can still read them later on. It’s inclusive, and we want it to be welcoming to all.  

Do conferences on Twitter work? From the statistics we’ve seen, people’s tweets are seen by more people than follow them. Conferences on Twitter help amplify voices and spread knowledge. Some tweets have been seen over 50,000 times. So the conference is free for everyone and a good way to share your experience and learn from others. 

Hey Pressto! aims and aspires to creating the best platform on which you can have your voice amplified and share your story and knowledge. 

The Hey Pressto! organisers have run several twitter conferences before so can help you to develop your idea and mentor you all the way through. Please do reach out if you’d like any assistance

We’re keen to be as inclusive as possible, so please spread the word about HeyPressto! in your community.

If you would like more information, read more about HeyPressto!, read our privacy policy, and find out more about the organisers.

If you want to make any other contribution, find out here how you can help us.

Any thoughts or questions, please do contact us

We remain indebted and perpetually grateful to Lorna Richardson and James Dixon for the idea for a twitter conference. Please see their public archaeology twitter conference 

Hey Pressto! Conference 2020